Communication is Key as Practice Reopens during COVID-19

Deerfield Beach, Fla. — Dr. Katie Champion is still working on her “smize” — smiling with only her eyes. “But it just doesn’t feel the same,” said Dr. Champion, an associate dentist. “I’m a very face-to-face dentist and value having conversations with my patients about their overall health and oral health.” Covering her face with [...]

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ADA Opposes WHO’s Guidance to Delay Dental Care

ADA & WHO disagree "dental care should be delivered during global pandemics and other disaster situations." The American Dental Association (ADA), and the World Health Organization (WHO) are falling on separate sides of the argument when it comes to delaying dental care. WHO advises that patients should delay routine oral healthcare, while the ADA [...]

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Diabetes and Dentistry

Diabetes and Dentistry How important is oral health for individuals with diabetes? Diabetes and Dentistry - Patients with diabetes are more likely to experience oral health issues such as cavities, dry mouth, gum disease, and thrush. During COVID, many patients have put off their oral care and dentist appointments due to guidelines and fear [...]

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Going to the Dentist during Coronavirus

Going to the Dentist During Coronavirus How to Protect Yourself and Keep up with Oral Hygiene Don't neglect your trips to the Dentist during Coronavirus, dental offices are reopening for routine care appointments and taking precautions to keep their staff and patients safe from exposure to coronavirus. Oral health and hygiene are still important [...]

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“Weird But Familiar”: Back to Practicing Full Time

Weird But Familiar Back to Practising Full Time by Dr. Champion It was May 8, my first day back to work full time after Florida lifted the mandatory emergency-only dental order put in place mid-March. I felt strangely nervous to be back, even though I had been rotating in for emergency services for the [...]

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Is Your Dentist Open ? We Are!

Dentist Open in Deerfield Beach Well, the Coronavirus crisis is starting to subside.... We, Deerfield Partners In Dentistry, are now fully open for dental procedures and looking forward to seeing all of your smiling faces again. You can be rest assured though, we are taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safetly of our [...]

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Coronavirus Affects Dental Visits

Coronavirus Affects Dental Visits: What does it mean for patients as Coronavirus forces office closures? Coronoavirus affects dental visits. With COVID-19 continually spreading, executive orders to prohibit any non-urgent, non-emergency or unnecessary medical procedures are being submitted across the country. Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida issued his executive order and stated health care professionals, [...]

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SmileDirect Club Members Frown on Their Painful Treatment Issues: Should the FDA Regulate Teledentistry?

SmileDirect Club offers patients a path to straighten teeth in as little as 4-6 months, but many of their patients are reporting horror stories from the abhorrent treatments they received. Patients experienced pain, migraines, jaw joint problems, and disintegration of their joints as a result of treatment with SmileDirect. One such patient, Darlene Green, a [...]

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