Can Correcting Tooth problems improve your appearance?

//Can Correcting Tooth problems improve your appearance?

Can Correcting Tooth problems improve your appearance?

Improve your appearance and look younger by correcting tooth problems.

With age your teeth can change your appearance, but with the help of orthodontics and restorations, dentists can subtract years from you face, by simply manipulating the shape, size and rearranging your teeth.

As we get older our teeth are forever changing through constant chewing, grinding and clenching the teeth will flatten and shorter your teeth, especially the ones at the back of your jaw. Your face will eventually appear shorter as your teeth wear down. Your bite can become problematic as the upper and lower jaws are squished into one another. The end results of these tooth problems will give an aging look.

A further problem as we age is that is that our faces lose volume In both soft tissue and bone. Age also leads to eye sockets getting bigger, while our forehead and jaw bones recede. Our cheeks and lips are supported by our teeth and jawbone so as this loss occurs the shape of our face will definitely change, giving us an older appearance.

A excellent way of seeing the importance of ongoing good dental care, is to think back to when Granddad would take out his dentures and we would all have a good laugh as he fooled around with his collapsed face. Then the minute he replaced his dentures his face would fill out again.

When you call in to discuss this aging problem with your dentist, a good test he may do would be to put a cotton pad between the back upper and lower teeth to show you the amazing difference it could make to your appearance. You can try it at home and see how the lines on your face will soften.Can

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