Going to the Dentist during Coronavirus

//Going to the Dentist during Coronavirus

Going to the Dentist during Coronavirus

Going to the Dentist During Coronavirus

How to Protect Yourself and Keep up with Oral Hygiene

Don’t neglect your trips to the Dentist during Coronavirus, dental offices are reopening for routine care appointments and taking precautions to keep their staff and patients safe from exposure to coronavirus. Oral health and hygiene are still important factors in your overall health, and avoiding the dentist is the last thing you want to do when concerned about health. The ADA (American Dental Association) is now recommending that dental teams weigh the risks in their area against the need to provide proper care for their patients. 

Dental offices are stepping up precautions by increasing sanitation measures and spacing out appointments to help patients feel safe. If you’d like to schedule a routine dentist appointment, be sure to call ahead and give your dentist time to prepare for your visit.

Here’s what some dentist offices are doing while reopening for routine care:

  • Scheduling appointments on a staggered interval
  • Calling patients before appointments to inquire about COVID-19 symptoms
  • Checking patients temperature upon arrival
  • Asking patients about recent travel
  • Space out waiting room chairs to practice social distancing
  • Asking patients about interactions with people carrying COVID-19
  • Advise patients NOT to arrive early to appointments
  • Asking patients not to bring children, or anyone not getting dental care, to your appointments
  • Eliminating waiting room luxuries like toys and magazines
  • Having patients wait outside until the dental team is ready to see them
  • Disinfecting all surfaces and tools on a more frequent basis
  • Wearing additional protective gear
  • Covering patient’s mouths with rubber dental dams

We at Deerfield Partners in dentistry have your health as their main priority and want to make sure we safely provide quality care. While we find out more about this virus, the truth is that every time you leave your home, you are exposed to germs, and dentists are probably one of the most sterile environments you could step into today, so don’t neglect your oral health we really are taking your health and safety seriously, you can go to the dentist during coronavirus. Cleaning your teeth and using extra precautions in your oral hygiene has been shown to combat other types of coronavirus strains. Keep your mouth clean, and your body healthy.

Contact Deerfield Partners in Dentistry is you need to schdule an appointment and we will get you in as soon as we can.  We look forward to seeing your smiling face.

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