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Restore Your Tooth Without a Dental Crown

Dental inlays and onlays rebuild your damaged or decayed tooth structure. The treatment restores your tooth or teeth without the need for a dental crown.

Improve your teeth’s function and appearance

Dental inlay and onlay treatment can successfully cover the greater portion of your tooth surface. The filling-like material is made from tooth-colored porcelain and will match your surrounding teeth.

Think of inlays and onlays as having the same function as a dental crown or dental filling. The procedure permanently restores your tooth or teeth and improves the appearance.

Custom-designed tooth restoration

Your initial preparation for inlay and onlay treatment requires approximately one hour. The damaged portion of your tooth structure will be removed and the site prepared to support your dental restoration.

An impression (mold) of your tooth area will be taken. This will allow your Deerfield Beach dentist to craft a temporary restoration while your permanent inlay or onlay is being custom-designed by our selected dental lab.

The lab will match your inlay or onlay to your preferred tooth color or shade. Your permanent restoration will be ready for fitting and placement within approximately two weeks.

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