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Treat Tooth Loss at the Source

Periodontal (gum) disease is responsible for the majority of adult tooth loss. Early and ongoing treatment helps eliminate other health problems caused by it.

Keep your gums healthy

Your Deerfield Beach dentist provides dental exams to observe the health of your gums. Early signs of periodontal disease are pinpointed by your dental hygienist during scheduled teeth cleanings.

Prevention improves treatment

Early diagnosis and preventive treatment reduce the impact of gum disease. The earliest signs of swollen or inflamed gums can indicate gingivitis.

Treatment is essential before it evolves into a more serious condition known as periodontitis. The earliest signs of either condition (gingivitis or periodontitis) should be treated so you can avoid tooth loss.

Improve the health of your gums

Your dentist in Deerfield Beach will keep your gums healthy with teeth cleanings and exams the recommended two times per year. Harmful dental plaque is removed above and below your gum line to prevent any symptoms from worsening.

A scaling and root planing will be recommended if a deeper cleaning is necessary. This treatment eliminates plaque build-up beneath your gum tissue.

Schedule your consultation

Schedule your next dental exam and teeth cleaning with your dentist in Deerfield Beach. Early diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease can save your teeth.

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