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Get Relief from Mouth and Tooth Pain

Treat the source of your mouth pain with root canal therapy. The infection caused by tooth decay or dental trauma is the common cause of most mouth pain.

Infection attacks the pulp inside your tooth. Pain results from the inflammation and can spread throughout your mouth.

Symptom awareness is essential

Infection in your tooth will often cause a sense of radiating pain. The source of your tooth pain can be difficult to locate.

You might feel sharp pain when chewing your food or biting down on your teeth. Sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages can heighten the pain you feel also.

A dull ache within your tooth or jaw is common. You will occasionally feel this sensation in your tooth and gums.

Treat your symptoms without a dental extraction

Your restorative dentist in Deerfield Beach recommends root canal therapy as an alternative to a tooth extraction. We will treat the infection and remove the infected nerves so your tooth will heal.

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