SmileDirect Club Members Frown on Their Painful Treatment Issues: Should the FDA Regulate Teledentistry?

//SmileDirect Club Members Frown on Their Painful Treatment Issues: Should the FDA Regulate Teledentistry?

SmileDirect Club Members Frown on Their Painful Treatment Issues: Should the FDA Regulate Teledentistry?

SmileDirect Club offers patients a path to straighten teeth in as little as 4-6 months, but many of their patients are reporting horror stories from the abhorrent treatments they received. Patients experienced pain, migraines, jaw joint problems, and disintegration of their joints as a result of treatment with SmileDirect.

One such patient, Darlene Green, a Youtube vlogger, shared her experience as well, which she described as painful. She states her dentist warned her about using SmileDirect Club. She documented her journey and said, “taking them off was extremely painful, and the aligners were actually filling with blood.” When taking out the aligners, she bent the bottom aligner outward, which caused them to cut into her lip.

By the third day, she was seriously considering giving up and getting her money back, but things did get easier within about a week. Darlene had trouble eating, and cut out snacking because she couldn’t stand the pain of taking the aligners out and then reinserting them. By week two, things were feeling a bit better, but she is still having difficulties with eating on a regular schedule.

She ended up stopping treatments, which she explains in this video. She had a six-month treatment to fix overcrowding in her bottom teeth, as well as above she had some slight crowding happening on her top teeth. She made it about three months into the process.

She had already used ten of the 18 trays when she called to cancel treatment and request a refund due to her bite being off. She received a refund of a prorated amount for the eight trays she had not used, and had to pay for shipping and handling to return the trays. This type of refund doesn’t quite match what SmileDirect Club’s advertisement states, that if you’re unsatisfied you’ll get your money back.

Another patient, Anna Rosemond, of Richmond, Virginia, stated, “I really noticed that things didn’t feel right with the bite. My head was frequently hurting.” She went with SmileDirectClub to save thousands as opposed to traditional braces, but ended up with a crossbite caused by the aligners according to her orthodontist.

Yet another patient, Tom Harwood, experienced his teeth detaching from the bone, and now stands to lose three of his bottom teeth, as well as two to three of his front teeth. He describes his pain every day as, “like I’m being punched, it’s just an all-day type pain.” Harwood only received treatment for 90 days before stopping, but still received incredible oral damage from the short treatment period.

In February 2020, lawmakers called for an investigation into SmileDirect Club, as well as other DIY orthodontics providers. These unregulated practices are putting patients at significant risk, and studies by the FDA will help create regulations that can save patients from pain and irreparable damage.

If you’re considering your options for teeth straightening, see an orthodontist or dental professional you can trust for a consultation. Don’t risk your health by seeking out a teledentistry company without consulting your dentist beforehand.

If you are in Deerfield Beach or the surrounding areas, please make an appointment to come in and discuss teeth straightening. Feel free to contact our dental office for a consultation to start your journey into a better oral health lifestyle.

Please contact us or give us a call if you would to schedule an appointment to discuss your teeth straightening.

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