Stay Cavity-Free Over the Holidays

//Stay Cavity-Free Over the Holidays

Stay Cavity-Free Over the Holidays

With the holidays in full swing, it is easy to be caught up in the hype and fun of it all and overindulge with all the wrong foods and snacks. Here are some tips to stay cavity-free over the holidays.

Staying Cavity-Free

It’s all about timing

When you are eating a meal, your saliva production increase, which helps rinse your mouth out. If you eat sweets or sugary foods with a meal, this can reduce the latent acids built up by bacteria. The added saliva rinses away excess food particles and, in turn, the added sugar.

Limit the Alcohol

We forget about all the sneaky alcohol in the festive snacks like the added brandy in eggnog and Christmas pudding. If you are drinking more than you usually do, add in a few glasses of water along the way. Alcohol dries out your mouth, causing bacteria to thrive.

Beware the added fruit

We all believe fruit is good for us, but the extra sweet and sticky fruit added in excess to cakes and decorations can be more detrimental to our teeth health. They are laden with sugar or syrups that we don’t take into account.

Starchy foods are not your friend

Who does not like to snack on chips and cakes, right? These get caught and stuck in your teeth, and if you are not carrying your toothbrush with you, these can add to plaque build-up. Take care when flossing and ensure you get all the extra bits and pieces out before you head to bed.

Watch out for the hard candy

Some fruit and hard candy are prone to chipping your teeth. We should instead be indulging in softer candies and sweets that are gentler on our teeth. Not many dentists work over the holidays, so you may battle to find someone to fix it right away.

What should you be eating?

There is so much to choose from. Choosing to load up your plate of lean meats, skinless chicken/poultry, and fish is the answer. Easting more whole grains and low-fat dairy can also ensure your holiday season is healthier and usual. Making the right choice at the table helps you feel better about yourself overall, keeps the holiday weight at bay, and elevates your mood.

So eat, drink and be merry, responsibly to stay cavity-free over the holidays, and for those of you that might stray a little too much, remember, your friends at Deerfield Partners in Dentistry will be here for you should you need us! Call us at 954.427.7513 for an appointment.

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