Vaping and Oral Health

//Vaping and Oral Health

Vaping and Oral Health

On December 16, 2019, the American Dental Association (ADA) President, Chad P. Gehani, announced their new interim policy on vaping. The new policy calls for a complete ban of any vaping products not currently approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the purpose of tobacco cessation.

The ADA’s interim policy states the ADA:

  • Continues to advocate for regulatory action at federal and state levels in an effort to ban both the sale and distribution of any e-cigarette and vaping purchases unless they have been approved by the FDA for the purpose of smoking and tobacco cessation – and for these products to be available via prescription only.
  • The ADA is also pushing for additional research and funding for studying both the effectiveness and safety of vaping and e-cigarette products for tobacco cessation in relation to their effects on oral health.

The overall message imparted by Gehani at the Dec. 16th announcement was that dental professionals need to remain prudent in protecting their patients from harmful products. Gehani states, “We will continue to advocate for additional research, but we must protect the health of our patients first and foremost. A ban such as this would ensure patient safety while allowing us to further explore the dangers of vaping and oral health.”

This policy comes after detailed research showing increased rates of periodontal disease, tooth decay, receding gums, mucosal lesions, bone damage, jaw bone loss, tooth loss, and other oral health-related risks. The ADA has worked with and continues to work with lawmakers, educators, dentists, and public health officials in an effort to prevent and possibly eliminate the use of any and all tobacco products.  When it comes to vaping and oral health, the ADA wants doctors to assist in getting the message out there about all the possible risks that could be faced.

The new ADA policy is a reflection of the American Medical Association policy and should be a call to action, ensuring the health and safety of American consumers.

As long-time advocates for the development of scientific research that embodies the examination of oral effects of non-tobacco and tobacco-based nicotine products, this new ADA policy fits well into their previous guidelines and actions. Prior to this interim policy, the ADA passed a resolution that stipulates the word “vaping,” as well as all other alternative nicotine systems of delivery be added to the already existing policy which focuses on tobacco use prevention research and regulation.

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